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How Opera News has reduced search Engine traffic

How Opera News has reduced search Engine  traffic
Opera software was founded by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Geir Ivarsøy it started as just a browsing software in the 16th century. in 2006 the released the mobile version of opera software called Opera Mini coming up with recent improvements in the 21st century. when the Google android phones became rampant,  Opera had to add Google as the default browser on their software attracting more usage.


How Opera News has reduced search Engine  traffic
Recently Opera mini had to sign a deal with Google  making it a pre installed browser coming with every Android device although chrome is still the main default browser as it is listed among the google tools. 
Opera Mini became the best browser for data management as it shrinks web pages, make it less responsive and saves users data. Introducing the opera news, it became more popular that the Google news on chrome, enabling users to read latest information on any category example: News, gossips, technology, celebrity gist's etc. The later launched the stand alone opera news app attracting more users mostly in Africa. it was reported that opera news has 120 million users from Africa in the first quarter of 2019 and also 350 million users globally . owing to the opera news app, internet users don't search for things, latest news or gossips on search engines they just stick to the opera news app that gives them first hand information bringing in information from the best sites. therefore Opera news has greatly reduced the search engine traffic mostly in Africa. 


How Opera News has reduced search Engine  traffic
 In Nigeria for instance, the most internet users are the ones that do game betting they stick to betting website like Bet9ja, 1xbet and check Games results details on livescore therefore in Nigeria opera mini has become the best and most used mobile browser in Nigeria if not Africa with opera news greatly reducing the search engine traffic and the possibility of internet users checking information on search engine like Google. 
Before the existence of opera news we had more search traffic because people tend to google any latest news or browse about any trending thing but once the open their browser with an intention to Google whatever is Trending, opera News is already giving them answers with their pop up News. 


How Opera News has reduced search Engine  traffic
Search engine traffic can easily be defined as visitors to a website through a search engines search results most websites have their particular keyword that lead people to their website. this is the best traffic for websites as it is considered as organic traffic and brings in unique visitors. 
Africa as a whole use to have a lot of search engine traffic but with the recent development of opera news, search engine traffic has greatly reduced. 
Search Engine traffic nowadays comes mostly from the desktop browsers as chrome is the most used browser on desktop and internet users with desktop usually tend to have one online business or the other. 
But on Mobile devices opera News tends to take over as Opera News has reduced the search engine traffic. This has been of huge loss to the News Bloggers because they don't get search engine traffic anymore. 
Ansatech has been on case study judging from Nigeria locality and came up with conclusion that Opera News has reduced search engine traffic

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