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How Facebook Videos can Replace You tube

How facebook Videos can replace Youtube

Recently, Facebook approved monetization of videos on Facebook Video pages where an ad stream of 15 seconds would show before watching any video on Facebook and also ad breaks in between videos this makes it similar to you tube and enabling the possibility that Facebook videos can replace you tube in the near future.


According to the Facebook video ads policy you must have at least 10,000 followers on your Facebook page , of course you cant make money from Videos on your Profile it must be a page and must be actively posting videos before monetization can be enabled


Facebook has an average daily views of 800 billion , this views massively increased when Facebook changed its video icon placement to where the notifications icon used to be on the Lite app. Now there are more people watching Videos on Facebook as it consumes less data.
Although YouTube attracts 1/3 of the world's internet users with over 30 million users active daily, many internet users are yet to discover that almost everything you can get search on you tube can easily be search and found on Facebook videos section. many would soon discover they don't have to leave Facebook to go search for a video on YouTube, you can get all you want by staying on the App there are some other advantages Facebook Video has over YouTube that can make Facebook Videos replace YouTube in the near future.

  • YouTube videos can be played directly on Facebook; when you share a YouTube video on Facebook, when a visitor clicks on the link he has to watch the video directly on the you tube app or on chrome browser that means Facebook doesn't support YouTube Embed. Bringing the possibility that one might just decide to stick to the app. that's a possibility that Facebook videos can  replace you tube. 
  • Embedding Facebook Video on Websites: You can easily embed a Facebook video on your website where visitors can watch the video directly from the website, this matches the same feature that you tube has. 

How Facebook videos can replace You tube
  • Post Interactions : there tend to be more interactions, comments and replies on Facebook videos than that of you tube sometimes the page admin can reply your comments but this can be done you tube you can even post your own video on Facebook comments session 
How Facebook videos can replace You tube

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  • Easy Sharing; it is easier to share Facebook videos on other platforms than it is to share a video from YouTube with the share button on Facebook. there is a possibility that Facebook videos can replace you tube. 

How Facebook videos can replace You tube

  • Better for Short Videos: Facebook video section is best for viewing 30 to 60 seconds videos after Instagram  therefore Facebook can replace You tube in terms of short videos like comedy skits although Instagram is the best for that 

   The Facebook video section matches up all features you tube has but YouTube still has an advantage in video quality and more longer videos with improvements in the Facebook videos algorithm, there is a possibility that Facebook video can replace you tube in the near future 

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