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Loom and Boom: paying now, make 8x of invested money

Loom isn't scam

Nigerians give into another ponzi scheme despite the heartbreaks from other ones. Just 2 years back, mavrodi Mundial moneybox (MMM)  caused heartbreaks as people lost their money in millions.

MMM invaded the Nigerian market in 2015 and crashed in November 2016 after the announced going on break at the end of the year.
Loom and Boom is just few weeks old and many Nigerians has already give in, some scared and some already calling it scam. But loom isn't scam. Well loom has some differences with MMM and it won't crash as far as Nigerians still have the interest and more people would keep signing up.


Loom is pyramid scheme where people are been invited to invest with little money ranging from N500 to N13,000. The pyramid is being divided into 4 coloured levels; purple, blue, orange and red. Once person sits in the Red Level which is the central level and they get to cash out once the group is filled up.

Loom isn't scam
Loom Pyramid 

Two people sit in the orange level, four people sit in the Blue level and the eight newbies that would pay of the first person in the red level seat at the purple level

The group is normally named after the name of the person receiving payment which is the person at the red level and once he/she Cash out the group would split.

Loom isn't scam
A loom WhatsApp group 

The two people who were at the orange level become the head of the new group of 7, the members have to work hard to invite 8 newbies in order for the leader to cash out and the group will split again.

The scheme is done on WhatsApp. It's the job of every member of the group to work hard to refer people in in order for things to move fast.  Some groups are so fast that some people get to cash out just 24 hours after joining.

Each group have their specific amount ranging from N500 to N13,000. If you invest N1,000 you gain N8,000 which is 8x your invested money,if you invest 2,000 you gain N16,0000 etc.


  • It has no specific website Or Company managing it , anyone can be an admin of a group at any time.
  • It's an all weather process, which means there is no going on break at any season unlike MMM annual break that cost so many peoples money 
  • The investing money is limited ranging from N500 to N13000 so it won't cause much heartbreak. 
  • It can only crash due to group members failure in referring people. 
  • How long loom  stays in Nigeria is determined by how long Nigerians Show interest in it. 
"I joined two different loom groups With N500 each and the groups where moving so fast, I got my N8000 complete within 48 hours" - Unical Student 

List of some fast paying loom groups 

N500 to 4k loom - 24 to 48 hours cash out 

N1000 to N8000 loom- 2 to 4 days cash out 

Ansatech team are not assuring you that loom would last forever so we won't be responsible for failure in any loom group.We are just proving that loom isn't scam. 

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