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How to retrieve deleted messages, videos and Photos on Android

You’ve accidentally hit Delete on an important text message. Noooo! Well, don’t freak out just yet. We know how to retrieve deleted messages. It’s actually quite easy!

Does Hitting Delete Permanently Erase Stuff?

Computing devices such as PCs and smartphones never really delete data right away even after using the Delete key. Sure, the trashed data disappears from view and from its folder; but, the operating system stashes the undesired file in a holding section where it awaits permanent demise. And lucky for you that it does…await, that is. You can still recover deleted text messages with specialized recovery apps or built-in phone features.although some latest Android phones come with inbuilt trash similar to the recycle bin on Windows where one can easily go and retrieve deleted data 

Each operating system has its own approach to deletion. When data is deleted, the Android OS, in particular, simply renders this erasure an inactive file, one that is tagged as replaceable and invisible. Deleted data is treated as something that can be overwritten with new data. Remember this fact. Should you inadvertently erase a text message, stop using your Android phone because a new text message could permanently overwrite the older, deleted one.
On the other hand, Apple’s iOS is much more forgiving of deleted files. Deleted files simply go to a safe haven awaiting recovery from an iCloud or iTunes backup. To permanently erase deleted text messages, you need to reset the iPhone back to its factory settings, a drastic action that will wipe out everything, including photos, videos, notes, contacts, and more. A factory reset is usually only performed when you are giving or selling your iPhone to someone else.

Recovering Text Messages/photos the Android Way

Assuming the deleted message has not been overwritten, you will need a special recovery app to bring that lost message back home. Android Data Recovery, FonePaw, and Dr. Fone can help you find and restore those important deleted messages.
Should you wish to see more than just deleted text messages, more powerful software such as KidGuard and DDI Utilities can snoop and retrieve erased photos, videos, web history, call logs and chat conversations on third-party apps. These monitoring apps, which are versatile enough to run on both the Android and iOS platforms, can effortlessly browse and retrieve such hidden files.

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