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5 Easy Steps to startup a Youtube channel

5 easy steps to startup a youtube channel
A youtube channel 

Many think starting up a youtube channel is difficult and can only be mastermind by professional web developers.
Starting up a youtube channel is quite easy and can be completed in minutes below are 5 easy steps to startup a youtube channel

1. Create a gmail account:
Gmail is google's mail hosting service and is one of the requirements to starting up a youtube channel each Gmail account automatically has a youtube account attached to it to create a gmail account log onto the process is easy and would be completed in minutes

2.Create channel Name:

After creating your gmail account,  log onto youtube with the gmail acct then click on library ,  click on create channel then you fill in the channel name and description sometimes in order to change the channel name to a business name it would also replace the name on your email and google+ account. once your done setting the channel name u can insert a featured image for your channel to attract visitors.

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3.Uploading Videos:

To upload your Video click on the video button at the top corner. Once the video is done uploading you set the name of the video it would be advisable to make it something catchy and unusual to to attract subscribers and to enable high ranking on youtube and on google.

 Set the video description,  let the description be short and simple and let it be keyword rich to ease high ranking,  so set the video tag,  tag helps the video rank high once someone search the word on youtube e.g if i am uploading a video about the 2019 Nigerian Elections I would set a tag like; Nigeria decides,  2019 Elections,  Presidential Elections,  INEC, APC, PDP . Now when someone search any of this words on Youtube if there is no much competition on this word there is a possibility that the video would come up this brings more views and subscribers so when uploading a video never fail to include the tags.

4.Sharing /Promotion: Once your done premiering or uploading your video You click on the share icons below and share the video on your different social media handles. You can also get the Embed code and embed the video on your blog or website where your site visitors can watch the video live from your site.
Now gaining Suscribers this is the difficult part of being a youtuber,  it is quite difficult to get subscribers requires promotion on different social media platforms sometimes creating targeted ads for a particular would do the job and also consistency would make your viewers keep coming back

5.Monetizing:  owning a Youtube channel  can produce money for you but in order to start making money off your channel You must have at least 1, 000 subscribers with 5 hours watching time so gaining subscribers should be your first priority.
Below is a video tutorial on how to set up a youtube channel

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