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5 sure ways to make your business go viral

With growing rate of competition in every business one has to take to social media and other online platforms to boost your business and reach out to more
Online marketing has made many businesses go viral, some business owners in the bid to promote their business are been scammed while some lack the right strategy in targeting customers below I bring a comprehensive list of the 5 sure ways to make Ur business go viral

1. Facebook Ad Targeting 

This is one the best way to get the right audience , the adverts method suits into any business you wish to promote, it is very affordable and strategic 
The amazing feature in creating a Facebook ad is dat you can target any age bracket,gender and even location

On most platforms u might waste your money reaching out to the wrong people but this enables you to be specific of the kind of audience you want 
The payment can be made with a credit card or any other payment platform and it is available in all countries 

2.Internet Marketing

Internet marketing may mean so many things but I am referring to promoting your business on websites like the one in the photo above 
In this feature you register with a publisher and they get to display your business on every website of their registered marketers, you only get to pay when the website visitors click on your ad , this method is ideal for drawing trafficking to an ecommerce website, online stores like Jumia and Konga use this method to draw traffic to their stores. below is a typical example of an ad in a website

Some popular publishers are Google Adsense, Fomo and wordads

3. Creating Website for your Business

Creating website for your business is another strategic way of making your bussiness. you can use Your website to display your products and services and with the technological advancements one can easily book a products or service on your website, also the website helps you get more followers looking out for your latest services, the website also makes your business look professional
To design your own professional website you can contact me at [email protected]

4. Influence on social Media

Having great influence on social media can boost your business in no time. Creating pages on all platforms, creating your own #tag and making impact through consistency would go a long way in making your business go viral
Another benefit is that you can transform your Facebook page into an online store and with daily promotion you can get a huge concentration of customers

5. Online Flyers

What do I mean by online flyers, I mean that graphics in soft copy like the one in the photo above.
Creating such articles with graphics illustrating the business you do,sometimes you could be so creative with it and make it catchy this may be boost Ur popularity
Spreading the flyers on social media platforms and encouraging others to share, sometimes you can even create an ad with it and also you can meet some bloggers that own blogs with good traffic to place it in a strategic area on their blog, this way could be less expensive than using the online publishers

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